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Sony Ericsson W960i Unlocking Instructions

Warning: Do not enter any wrong unlock unlock codes on your Sony Ericsson W960i mobile phones. If you enter over a certain amount of wrong unlock codes on your mobile phone, your phone may get hard locked and sometimes become unusable.

1 - Switch ON your Sony Ericsson W960i without any SIM Card,
2 - Press the left arrow key/button once,
3 - Press the button * twice,
4 - Press the left arrow key/button once,
5 - The message "Personalize with MNC2" will appear, (or you will have displayed an unlock menu, select the lock you want to unlock)
6 - Enter the Unlock Code.

If your Sony Ericsson W960i does not have a left arrow button/key(e.g. Sony Ericsson W950i) and on a few phones(not all) that have a "JOGDIAL" you must press the "down arrow" key/button instead of the "left arrow" key/button for step 2 & 4. We mean by "Down Arrow" to direct the Jogdial down! In the Sony Ericsson W950i and some other models, the down arrow button/key would be located on the side of the phone.

Each Sony Ericsson W960i mobile phone has an unique unlock code. You can buy the unique unlock code for your Sony Ericsson W960i mobile phone at
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