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If you cannot find your K-Touch mobile phone's model in the list below, please contact us, we can help you get unlock instructions for your K-Touch model.
K-Touch A108K-Touch A11K-Touch A158K-Touch A1600
K-Touch A168K-Touch A1680K-Touch A192K-Touch A193
K-Touch A308K-Touch A510K-Touch A5110K-Touch A5112
K-Touch A5115K-Touch A5116K-Touch A5118K-Touch A602
K-Touch A603K-Touch A605K-Touch A608K-Touch A610
K-Touch A6160K-Touch A6168K-Touch A630K-Touch A651
K-Touch A660K-Touch A662K-Touch A665K-Touch A669
K-Touch A691K-Touch A7711K-Touch A7712K-Touch A7713
K-Touch A7716K-Touch A7718K-Touch A7719K-Touch A7720
K-Touch A7721K-Touch A7726K-Touch A7728K-Touch A788
K-Touch A901K-Touch A901CK-Touch A902K-Touch A903
K-Touch A905CK-Touch A906CK-Touch A907K-Touch A908
K-Touch A908CK-Touch A909K-Touch A927K-Touch A929
K-Touch A935K-Touch A936K-Touch A939K-Touch A969
K-Touch A969CK-Touch A982K-Touch A990K-Touch A995
K-Touch B2010K-Touch B2015K-Touch B2020K-Touch B2022
K-Touch B2030K-Touch B2033K-Touch B2200K-Touch B2202
K-Touch B5010K-Touch B5011K-Touch B5020K-Touch B5022
K-Touch B5200K-Touch B818K-Touch B909K-Touch B919
K-Touch B929K-Touch C106K-Touch C201K-Touch C205
K-Touch C207K-Touch C208K-Touch C216K-Touch C218
K-Touch C235K-Touch C256K-Touch C258K-Touch C260
K-Touch C280K-Touch C350K-Touch C500K-Touch C700
K-Touch C800K-Touch C809K-Touch C810K-Touch C820
K-Touch C868K-Touch C966EK-Touch D102K-Touch D1100
K-Touch D1110K-Touch D1150K-Touch D153K-Touch D182
K-Touch D183K-Touch D210K-Touch D220K-Touch D5600
K-Touch D5800K-Touch D700K-Touch D702K-Touch D705
K-Touch D770K-Touch D773K-Touch D775K-Touch D7750
K-Touch D780K-Touch D780CK-Touch D781K-Touch D782
K-Touch D788K-Touch D788CK-Touch D8600K-Touch D8800
K-Touch D90K-Touch D92K-Touch D93K-Touch D95
K-Touch DT08K-Touch DT28K-Touch E329K-Touch E339
K-Touch E379K-Touch E50K-Touch E500K-Touch E51
K-Touch E52K-Touch E520K-Touch E53K-Touch E55
K-Touch E58K-Touch E59K-Touch E6K-Touch E60
K-Touch E600K-Touch E616K-Touch E619K-Touch E62
K-Touch E621K-Touch E63K-Touch E650K-Touch E656
K-Touch E66K-Touch E68K-Touch E688K-Touch E689
K-Touch E7K-Touch E70K-Touch E71K-Touch E75
K-Touch E76K-Touch E760K-Touch E78K-Touch E780
K-Touch E8K-Touch E80K-Touch E806K-Touch E88
K-Touch ES65K-Touch ES68K-Touch G86K-Touch G88
K-Touch G90K-Touch G92K-Touch H888K-Touch KISS
K-Touch M1K-Touch M10K-Touch M11K-Touch M3
K-Touch M5K-Touch M500K-Touch M600K-Touch M606
K-Touch M608K-Touch M610K-Touch M618K-Touch M7
K-Touch M706K-Touch M730K-Touch M810K-Touch M9
K-Touch N170K-Touch N2200K-Touch N2202K-Touch N612
K-Touch N635K-Touch N650K-Touch N77K-Touch N922
K-Touch N930K-Touch Q10K-Touch Q160K-Touch Q30
K-Touch S002K-Touch S2K-Touch S5K-Touch S5T
K-Touch S717K-Touch S757K-Touch S787K-Touch S830
K-Touch S988K-Touch S990K-Touch S998K-Touch T109
K-Touch T16K-Touch T200K-Touch T230K-Touch T260+
K-Touch T290+K-Touch T360+K-Touch T390+K-Touch T556
K-Touch T566K-Touch T568K-Touch T580K-Touch T586
K-Touch T588K-Touch T6K-Touch T60K-Touch T606
K-Touch T619K-Touch T619+K-Touch T621K-Touch T660
K-Touch T760K-Touch T780K-Touch T780+K-Touch T789
K-Touch T80+K-Touch T800K-Touch T81K-Touch T810
K-Touch T82K-Touch T85K-Touch T87K-Touch T91
K-Touch T93K-Touch T95K-Touch T96K-Touch TOUCH
K-Touch U2K-Touch U5K-Touch U6K-Touch U610
K-Touch U7K-Touch U8K-Touch U83TK-Touch U9
K-Touch U90K-Touch V08K-Touch V206K-Touch V209
K-Touch V308K-Touch V310K-Touch V320K-Touch V5
K-Touch V508K-Touch V6K-Touch V760K-Touch V8
K-Touch V816K-Touch V818K-Touch V9K-Touch V908
K-Touch V918K-Touch V958K-Touch V968K-Touch V98
K-Touch V988K-Touch W306K-Touch W309K-Touch W316
K-Touch W319K-Touch W350K-Touch W360K-Touch W379
K-Touch W399K-Touch W606K-Touch W610K-Touch W616
K-Touch W618K-Touch W619K-Touch W62K-Touch W621
K-Touch W628K-Touch W650K-Touch W655K-Touch W656
K-Touch W658K-Touch W660K-Touch W68K-Touch W680
K-Touch W686K-Touch W688K-Touch W689K-Touch W700
K-Touch W700+K-Touch W710K-Touch W719K-Touch W760
K-Touch W780K-Touch W800K-Touch W806K-Touch W806+
K-Touch W808K-Touch W860K-Touch W880K-Touch W95
K-Touch W99K-Touch X90