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Blackberry 8320 Unlocking Instructions

Warning: Do not enter any wrong unlock unlock codes on your Blackberry 8320 mobile phones. If you enter over a certain amount of wrong unlock codes on your mobile phone, your phone may get hard locked and sometimes become unusable.

1 - Switch on your Blackberry 8320 with any Sim card and Turn off all Wireless connections.
2 - Go to Settings.
3 - Go to Options.
4 - Select Advanced Options.
5 - Select SIM Card.
6 - Type MEPD using your Blackberry 8320 keyboard (NOTE: You will not see any text appear on the screen while typing MEPD),
7 - Type MEP then hold æALTö key and type number 2.(NOTE: You will not see any text appear on the screen while typing MEP2),
8 - You will then be presented with a prompt "Enter Network MEP Code". Type in the Unlock Code and press in the track wheel / jog dial to confirm,
9 - Your Blackberry 8320 will now be unlocked.

Each Blackberry 8320 mobile phone has an unique unlock code. You can buy the unique unlock code for your Blackberry 8320 mobile phone at
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